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Madhouse Pizza

Owners: Dave and Missy Haller

Dave and Missy always dreamed of owning our own pizzeria. Being in a franchise environment just solidified our enjoyment of the industry and our love for the community. When the opportunity presented itself to develop our own name and brand, we jumped at the chance. Staying in the community of Tsawwassen was not only important, it was imperative. The Tsawwassen community has been exceptionally supportive and many great friendships have been developed. It is home. We wanted to continue to serve all the great people within the community and continue to develop great relationships.

The name “Madhouse” was developed from the combination of Missy and Dave (MAD) and it was a community member and good friend who suggested house at the end of MAD. Thus “Madhouse Pizza” was born.

The logo of Madhouse Pizza was taken from our caricature wedding picture drawn by a street artist in Las Vegas immediately after the tacky but tasteful Vegas style wedding. Moreover it was that time when visiting several fun eateries in Vegas that we entertained the notion of opening our own quirky but fun restaurant together. Now here we are 20 years later, opening a tacky but tasteful, fun and honest pizzeria.

The slogan “the same but different and better” refers to both the experience we had being in a franchise and improvement we have always wanted to make. This allows for community involvement in developing a pizzeria that we can all be proud of and enjoy. A menu that reflects the community needs and tastes.

Customer service is of utmost importance ensuring every order is made with enthusiasm and care, with a strict guarantee that we will take care of you.

Come in and enjoy a slice, a whole pizza, some delicious wings, salad or pasta. Or let us deliver our pizza to your door.

Serving Tsawwassen exclusively and will deliver to Ladner.

A special thank you to our mom and dad, Judy and Cliff Haller for believing in our dream.

  • We use the freshest local ingredients available.
  • We only use top quality, real mozza and cheddar cheese.
  • A family like atmosphere with friendly knowledgeable staff.
  • We cater events. Welcome for in-store dining, pickup, delivery!

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